How To Cure Back Pain Naturally

Our sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet have contributed to many being obese and overweight. Imagine the stress the excess weight has on your lower extremities, which includes your back.

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Based on statistics taken from the American Chiropractic Association up to 31 million adult Americans have symptoms of lower back pain. Lower back pain is now considered the single leading cause of disability worldwide.

Lower back pain can be severe or mild depending on the cause and how it is being treated. There are risk factors that need to be considered as well like family history, smoking, obesity, being female, depression, too much exercise or living a sedentary lifestyle.

Having the wrong posture is one of the most common reasons for people having back pain.

Natural Remedies For Lower Back Pain

-Get enough sleep. Two-thirds of people with chronic back pain also have sleep disorders. Having too little sleep can make your back pain worse. Deep and restful sleep is what our body needs to help relieve us from our aches and pains.

-Exercise your core. Developing our core muscles will help in supporting our lower spine. Abs and back muscles need to be targeted to make them stronger. Our core is one of the muscle groups that are not developed by many, but things are starting to change nowadays.

-Hot And Cold Therapy. What may seem so simple to some can give a ton of relief for many. Hot packs can help reduce lower back pain by stimulating blood flow to the affected area. Cold packs on the other hand can reduce inflammation and helps slow down nerve impulses that signal pain.

-Stretching your hamstrings. If your hamstrings are too tight your lower back will be affected which may lead to more pain. Gentle stretching exercises can benefit your lower back in the long run.

-Chiropractic care and physical therapy. Having regular trips to your chiropractor can give your back the relief it needs and is even more effective when combined with massage and physical therapy. Massage can be very relaxing, especially when combined with essential oils that can soothe the pain naturally.

-Change your diet. For those who want overall improvement in muscle health and prevent back pains a healthy diet is crucial. Start eating all natural and unprocessed food. Choose foods that are high in fiber, which may also help in weight loss and relieve some stress on your lower back. Drinking plenty of clean water daily can help as lack of water can increase back pain. Food that reduces inflammation and swelling like those rich in potassium should be added to your diet. Bananas,avocados, green leafy vegetables and coconut water are the best to include in your weekly intake of food. Foods that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids like Chia seeds and salmon can help manage pain and reduce inflammation.

What To Avoid To Reduce Back Pain
Stop consuming foods that can cause unwanted weight gain. Eliminate refined sugar, sweetened drinks and snacks from your diet. Remove alcohol because this causes inflammation. Smoking restricts blood flow and adds toxins to the body. Overexertion when you workout or exercise can also be overlooked by many. Athletes that work too hard often complain of the pain during their older years.

The Good News
Lower back pain can be treated and managed to get relief. It is less likely to be caused by a serious illness or disease. When you have the right program and plan in place to address this issue, then long term relief can be achieved. A simple change in lifestyle by following the tips above can bring long term relief from back pain.

Traditional Methods Of Treatment Should Be Avoided
The most common and traditional way of treating lower back pain is by simply taking a pill. Painkillers and analgesics can only provide temporary pain relief but can cause long term side effects like kidney and liver damage. These treatments don’t solve the root cause of the back pain so it is best for us to avoid resorting to these kinds of treatments. Natural and conservative ways of treating back pain is always the best way to go.

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